all about marigold…


My first taste of creating herbal medicine was almost a decade ago. My dear friends were foraging plantain from their land, in preparation for an herbal healing salve. I instantly fell in love with the connection to the land and the idea of harvesting my own medicine. The creating blossomed from there. I began making my own salves, lotions and balms and felt in control of my own well-being.

Flash forward a few years. I followed my heart to a new country, to begin a new life. It did not take long before I felt lost and disconnected. I turned to what has always healed my hurt: nature. Wanting to know more about how I could work with the plant life around me, I embarked on an endless journey into Herbalism, which included invaluable courses with The Herbal Academy of New England (which I so highly recommend).

Wanting to combine plant medicine and clean products that did not harm the earth (or us) Marigold was born. It started as a simple line of well-being teas to be enjoyed with friends and has become a commitment to leaving this earth a better place for our children and community.